Completely open group

If a group is completely open, politicians will always come and take over eventually.
So far, this has happened in the following initiatives:
– Direct Democracy Association (managed to repel the takeover attempt)
Movement – eParlamant of Free People
Politicians introduce a lot of movement and take all initiative. The statements of normal calm people are inundated. The idea of running in the elections is beginning to dominate.
Ordinary people are discouraged because they see that from now on their task is to collect signatures and vote. Everything else will be taken care of by politicians because they “know better what needs to be done”.
To prevent this from happening:
– from the beginning, it must be possible to easily remove people from the group
– new people can only be accepted ‘by recommendation’
– discussions must be slow (a message can only be sent once an hour).
– the overarching goal of the group cannot be politics, running in elections, etc.
– democratic rules for voting, role-setting, etc. must be established.
– the group must build prosperity among themselves – the defense and development of this prosperity changes the point of view