What is Wikicracy

Wikicracy is a method of introducing direct democracy (WIR) in any group that desires it.

Standard approach:
Social movement –> only 20% of people want WIR –> Elections –> Failure

Small groups build prosperity –> the rest see that wir works –> Confederation –> Elections –> Victory

The tragic truth that every WIR move must come to terms with is that 80% of people are against WIR. We must come to terms with this fact and find a way to make progress despite so little support.

This way it can be:
1. Building prosperity in small groups
2. Attracting skeptics
to these groups 3. Creation of a coalition of 4 groups
. Introduction of WIR throughout Poland
We supporters of WIR constitute only 20% of the population. We need to convince the 80% of WIR's opponents that direct democracy really works and benefits on a daily basis.

Wikicracy consists of two elements:
1. Procedures for organizing
2. Software to help you get organized

1. Organizing involves creating a group of friends, acquaintances or neighbors who will use wiring principles among themselves.
2. Wikicracy software is a voting system through which a community can manage itself – without the help of representatives and administrators.

Main features of the system

  • each person has one vote
  • every vote is equally important
  • decisions are taken by a simple majority
  • votes are anonymous
  • voting resembles the Swiss system – after collecting signatures, the time for discussion begins and only then the referendum takes place
  • membership is managed by the entire group by accepting new people
  • it is also possible to remove a disturbing person if many people take away their reputation points

The application is written in such a way that there is no hierarchy in it. No administrator is needed. The users themselves decide who belongs to the group and what the rules are. This means full equality and true democracy, which cannot be excluded.

Sources of knowledge

The mechanisms included in the system benefit from the experience of places such as Switzerland, California, Australia, ancient Athens, Porto Alegre, etc. Many of the ideas discussed here have already been tested there. The system uses those solutions that have brought good results and omits those that caused problems.


Wikicracy software is free and open source, so anyone can copy, modify, and use it without restriction. However, there is currently no easy way to install on your own server. For this you need knowledge of web server configuration and Django installation. If you want to use Wikicracy, I will be happy to help in the installation but because I had many "empty" requests first to:
– collect 3 people and their emails
– specify the name of the group (preferably abbreviation and without Polish letters). This name will be used in the web address of your group
– he contacted me via the contact form with this information or filled out the form

We are looking for collaborators

Wikicracy uses the following technologies:
– Python3/Django
– Channels2
– Centos 7/8
– JavaScript
If you have these skills or would like to acquire them and would like to cooperate, please contact me. Any help is very much needed.

Take a look at the detailed description of the system here.