Anonymous chat messages

Our chat allows you to send messages anonymously. Here’s the story that led me to the idea of adding this feature:

I now live in a block of flats where people don’t know each other. There are several young people living next to me. Under them is an old lady from Italy. Below me lives Aku – a nice man from Finland who has an extremely loud voice. With these 3 neighbors I had two different stories.
1. One day around 7:00 in the morning I was awakened by a very loud knock. Since I heard Aku’s voice from below several times, I automatically assumed that the noise was coming from his apartment. I went to him to mention it. Aku took over the subject, asked his wife if it was possible that they were doing something loud that day and thanked me for coming to him calmly before the situation made me nervous. Of course, I felt bad because I understood that I was asking the wrong man.
2. Neighbors next door, like young people, sometimes make parties. It bothers me a little bit but usually the fun ends around 11:00 so for me it is bearable. But apparently for the neighbor who lives under them – their parties are much more burdensome. I know this because one day I heard a neighbor from below knocking on my neighbors next door and very upset asking them to be quieter.

From these two stories I drew two conclusions:
1. We should have a chat so that each of us can ask everyone what is happening – this is obvious. But also:
2. The neighbor downstairs could have asked for silence much earlier – before anger had overtaken her. I could then support her request because I also knew about noises.
The neighbor from below was taken to the extreme. I suppose it wouldn’t have to happen if she could speak quickly and freely to her neighbors. In order for attention to be easy and stress-free, this older person should be guaranteed that nothing threatens him from people about whom it is not entirely clear who they are and how they behave. I, too, would prefer not to expose myself to anyone by supporting the opinion of a neighbor.
Now everything is fine, but all these emotions and discomfort could have been easily avoided if the communication did not raise fears of retaliation. Anonymity provides such security.

I am not 100% convinced that this solution will work. I am only proposing that we experiment. If there are more harms than benefits from anonymity, we will easily be able to withdraw from this solution.
Jacek suggested not to do such an experiment at all. Jack’s approach seems unscientific to me. Anonymity in such a configuration as in our country does not occur anywhere and its effects are not known. Despite this, Jacek is convinced that it will definitely bring harm and does not even want to check how it will work.
It’s like assuming that there’s no point in testing the hypothesis that the Earth revolves around the Sun. It really seems to me that we are on the verge of discovery here.

An additional argument for anonymity is that companies do anonymous surveys in order to get honest and truthful answers from employees.

Also to sum up: there is a chance that such optional anonymity will reduce the level of emotions and make it easier for us to get to the truth.