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Housing cooperative

In existing cooperatives, it is often the case that a small group takes power and control over the situation. It is very difficult to prevent this because the turnout in elections and at general meetings is very low. Ordinary inhabitants also do not have a well-formed view on many issues, so many of them vote in a random manner. The group in power, on the other hand, knows in advance how to vote on every issue and everyone votes the

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How to introduce a referendum system in Poland

This method is not new. It was invented by Edward Abramowski some 150 years ago. Abramovsky's idea has the advantage over other ways that it does not require the consent of politicians. Action is required only from us – citizens. The idea is this It is necessary to create a cooperative, attract as many participants as possible, thus build a civic lobby and force politicians* to introduce referendums on a national scale. Such a group will succeed if it is

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