Potential cooperatives

mutual loans

If a bank earns 10% on loans and gives 2% on a deposit, it means that it earns 8%. If I have any savings and borrow them at 6%, I will earn more than on the deposit. The borrower, on the other hand, can get a loan of 6% (instead of 10%) which is also very beneficial for him. This can be done in the current legal status, but it is not easy. If anyone was interested in such a business, please contact me. It used to be called the Provident and Loan Fund and was a natural form of mutual aid when the state and banks did not want to help.

mutual purchase

It is enough for two people to agree among themselves that they will buy goods and services first from each other. This is already a cooperative.
You can also make an appointment with someone to lend each other used things. You can charge minimum fees for this – up to PLN 1,000 per year you do not have to report it to the U.S. Thanks to this, the object that lies in your basement can simultaneously serve others and bring a small return of its value to you.


You can also make a periodic dump from 2 people and invest the collected money in mutual insurance or investment in expensive equipment that each of us separately would not be able to afford. The cooperative must be established from the beginning – from you and me.